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Steven Perlstein: What Congress needs is an Uprising of the Serious

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, Steven Pearlstein writes, "I realize the idea of a bipartisan Uprising of the Serious sounds at once radical and naive." Perlstein is setting the terms of the moderate Republicans ask as Open Rules allowing amendments to bills on the floor. We have basically been saying the same thing but with an ask that the Break the Gridlock Rules Nancy Pelosi accepted to get the support of moderate Democrats in the Problem Solver Caucus in 2019 be demanded of Kevin McCarthy by the moderate Republicans in the Problem Solvers Caucus in 2023. The Break the Gridlock rules allow bills with bipartisan majority support to reach the floor (repealing the "Hastert Rule"). We hope moderate Republicans will require both Break the Gridlock Rules and Open Rules to elect McCarthy as Speaker so the House does not become an impediment to legislative progress.

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